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Welcome to Elian – Ragdoll cattery!

How did it get started

Dear Sirs/Madams, My name is Elena Ivanovna Chekeneva and I am the founder of the Ragdoll cattery “Beautiful Elian”. I am fond of this breed for a long time and, apparently, forever. Ragdolls temperament is very similar to me – calmness, prudence and endless love for “hugs”. When my first cat Elian grew up and turned out to be so good that friends began to sign up for future kittens, the matter of creating a cattery was resolved, as its name, indeed. “Such a cat should have offspring,” I just wanted to share my happiness. Almost immediately I got a male for breeding – Imperial cat, who won the very first show as the Best of Breed.

High marks, acquaintance with experts, immersion in the genetics of colors – all this caused a strong desire to develop further, engage in breeding work and just get great pleasure from it all.

What do I have today

Wonderful breeders of classic (blue bicolor, seal bicolor), and rare exclusive colors (lilac and mitted tabby) live in love and care with me. 

All cats participate in shows get high marks and pass on to their offspring great genes that encode a beautiful exterior and angelic character.

What can I offer you

If you get a cat for the first time, you will get a playful, gentle, fluffy animal with blue eyes, born from healthy animals with a balanced psyche.

 If you are engaged in breeding, you will find a cat with excellent, including foreign, blood and carriership of genes of rare colors, confirmed by genetic tests. The very first litter of my cats will be such as usually expected in catteries for years.

In any case, you will not be disappointed, because I treat my business with great love, and it has long ceased to be a hobby, having turned into a way of life.

Animals care

The activity of our cattery is, first of all, the impeccable care and adoration of our pets.

Kittens born by our high-bred parents are the pledge of mutual love and are absolutely piece of art! We are ready to share with you the happiness of being a friend for these unique animals.

Your future pets, before moving to their permanent home, receive everything they need from us:

  • High quality nutrition;
  • Veterenary care;
  • Care and love!

Each kitten will move to a new home no earlier than 3.5 months old: vaccinated, sterilized, with a drawn up contract, an international veterinary passport and breeding record!

Our pets


Our animals participate in WCF shows, get places, have titles of Grand Inter Champions

Imperial La Mia Fortuna

Imperial is a high-status cat, wins everyone, even if the opponent is in a different weight category!
Has the title of WCF Grand International Champion.
Favorite of judges for the show temperament and perfectly plain mask!
Calm, pettable, kind and patient boy!

Ambrosian Doll Elian

Elian is our star, the muse of the whole cattery. Has the title of Grand International Champion.
She is always loved by judges, has repeatedly become the winner of shows.
She has an eye on everything in the pride: whom to punish, whom to caress Elian will always decide fairly
High-status cat, clever and just beautiful!

Orion Chiffondelux

It is impossible not to love this beautiful bear cub!
Orion is a very kind, status and intelligent cat!
Despite his seriousness, he very much loves to caress and be uppy. Loves when someone scratches her belly, and purrs very loudly!
He always stands up for the weak, and all kittens just adore him!
Has the title of WCF Champion.

Adelwin Gauderigue Jesse

Jesse is our pettable and careful mommy! She does not leave the kids a step, defends them like a tigress, plays and teaches the kids all the feline wisdom.
Has the title of WCF Champion.
A tame and very kind girl with cornflower blue eyes and a wonderful rabbit coat!

Simfonia Chiffondelux

Simfonia Chiffondelux is our junior girl!
She has a meek character, she is always very careful, but curiosity often prevails over fear.
Pettable, gentle, with bright blue eyes and a soft fur coat.
She is expectant mother!

Ragdoll kittens

There are free kittens in the cattery!
Free Ragdoll kittens!
“F” litter Date of birth 24/11/2020 Total – 06 kittens, 02 females and 04 males.  “G” litter There are only three kittens left!  Date of birth 25/12/2020 Total – 03 kittens, 01 female and 02 males. All pets are reserved. All PET class kittens are sold neutered/sterilized!


We have free kittens!

You can see them in section “Free kittens”

You can see parents on the page “Our male and female cats” Dear guests of our site! If you are interested in our pets, then it is better to contact by WhatsApp-89170191882 or Viber-89170191882.


The reputation of the cattery, the responsibility of the owners – these are the criteria that should convince you more than others, especially since the health and long life of your pet directly depends on these aspects.


All our pets are under constant close examination of a veterinarian! Of course, all male cats, female cats and kittens are microchipped, dewormed and vaccinated.


All cats participate in shows get high marks and pass on to their offspring great genes that encode a beautiful exterior and angelic character.


I help with sending kittens even to the most outlying regions, each time thinking over the most convenient route and a responsible escort.

If I forgot something, ask me!

I help with sending kittens to the regions, even the most remote, each time thinking through the most convenient route and a responsible escort.

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Cattery contact details:

My cattery is located in Russia, Samara.
I help with kittens delivery all over Russia, and Europe!
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