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About Ragdoll breed

About breed

If you are interested in the Ragdoll breed, then you are looking for not just a pet, but a companion animal. This means that you are interested not only in the bright original beauty of these cats, but also in the gentle calm nature that turns them into ideal pets. Ragdolls are the best answer to these requests, because these large cats are more like dogs in the degree of affection for their owners, they are tolerant and patient, friendly to adults and children, and at the same time they have a fine mental organization. Female cats have interesting colors, and expressive dark blue or blue eyes are the hallmark of the Ragdoll breed.

Breed history

In the mid-60s of the last century, one of the American breeders, Anna Baker, came up with the idea to cross a Burmese and Persian cat, which was previously mated with an Angora White. As a result, Ragdoll cats, charming in character and appearance, were born.

Leaving aside the legends about extraterrestrial intervention in apparition of this breed, or about the fact that experiments were carried out on one of the Ragdoll breeds at the CIA: it is enough that felinologists are still discussing the distinguishing characters between the Burmese breed and the Ragdolls. However, since 2000 the new breed has been taking part in the CFA championships.

What you do know about Ragdoll cats?

• Ragdolls are born white, and a strictly standardized color in 4 varieties for each of the 3 species appears only by 2 months age: at this age it is already possible to distinguish mitted from bicolor dress.

• Sexual maturity and readiness to reproduce occurs by 1.5 years.

• Ragdolls are the third largest cats in the world: adult males can reach a weight of 12-15 kilograms, females – up to 7 kg.

• The playfulness, sweetness, friendliness of Ragdolls spill over.

• “Rag doll” – this name was deserved by the breeds due to their amazing ability to relax all muscles as much as possible while resting or playing with a child. But the same property of the breed forces you to be as careful as possible in behavior with the animal, not allowing it to fall or jump from a great height.

• “Cat-dog” is another popular name, which is well deserved by the breeds due to the fact that the human owner always is at the center of their life: they follow him everywhere and always like dogs. They endure travels as well. They love walking on hands or on a leash.

• With their peaceful, friendly nature, it turns out that cats do not tolerate scandals and loud conversations in the house at all, they become apathetic and refuse to eat, if they are punished, they hide, being unable to resist the aggressors.

• Excellent memory and high intelligence makes Ragdoll cats excellent companions and friends, quickly adopting the lifestyle of the owner. The only drawback is that they miss the person very much in his absence.

• On the one hand, cats are unpretentious, on the other, they require care, because, despite the absence of a thick undercoat, they actively shed and require regular combing.

• The best protection for Ragdolls against disease is vaccination, timely care and health checks.


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Our pets


Our animals participate in WCF shows, get places, have titles of Grand Inter Champions

Imperial La Mia Fortuna

Imperial is a high-status cat, wins everyone, even if the opponent is in a different weight category!
Has the title of WCF Grand International Champion.
Favorite of judges for the show temperament and perfectly plain mask!
Calm, pettable, kind and patient boy!

Ambrosian Doll Elian

Elian is our star, the muse of the whole cattery. Has the title of Grand International Champion.
She is always loved by judges, has repeatedly become the winner of shows.
She has an eye on everything in the pride: whom to punish, whom to caress Elian will always decide fairly
High-status cat, clever and just beautiful!

Orion Chiffondelux

It is impossible not to love this beautiful bear cub!
Orion is a very kind, status and intelligent cat!
Despite his seriousness, he very much loves to caress and be uppy. Loves when someone scratches her belly, and purrs very loudly!
He always stands up for the weak, and all kittens just adore him!
Has the title of WCF Champion.

Adelwin Gauderigue Jesse

Jesse is our pettable and careful mommy! She does not leave the kids a step, defends them like a tigress, plays and teaches the kids all the feline wisdom.
Has the title of WCF Champion.
A tame and very kind girl with cornflower blue eyes and a wonderful rabbit coat!

Simfonia Chiffondelux

Simfonia Chiffondelux is our junior girl!
She has a meek character, she is always very careful, but curiosity often prevails over fear.
Pettable, gentle, with bright blue eyes and a soft fur coat.
She is expectant mother!

Ragdoll kittens

There are free kittens in the cattery!
Free Ragdoll kittens!
“F” litter Date of birth 24/11/2020 Total – 06 kittens, 02 females and 04 males.  “G” litter There are only three kittens left!  Date of birth 25/12/2020 Total – 03 kittens, 01 female and 02 males. All pets are reserved. All PET class kittens are sold neutered/sterilized!

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