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Buy a Ragdoll kitten 


Most likely, you have heard about emotions a cat of this breed can give. This is not just a large, beautiful and graceful animal with bottomless blue eyes. Ragdoll is an incredible tenderness and emotional return, rare loyalty and simply magical feedback.

How to buy a Ragdoll kitten?

Be sure to pay attention to:

1. The cattery reputation and owners responsibility are the criteria that should convince you more than others, especially since the health and long life of your pet directly depends on these factors.

2. The cost of each of ragdoll is generated depending on pronounced signs of the breed and exterior characteristics, mainly on the color. The “pet” class is cheaper than the “breed” or “show” class, and price difference can be significant.

3. Be prepared that the kitten will be given no earlier than the age of 3 months. It is better to take a 4-month-old teenager.

4. The kitten should be chipped and vaccinated by age. Vaccination details shall be specified in the Pet Passport, which is an obligatory document in purchasing.

5. The cattery owners shall sign an agreement with the future owners of the animal.

6. The correct test for ragdoll breed ancestry for not well-informed is to take a kitten in your hands: you will immediately feel how his body is completely relaxed – a rag doll, in a word.

About ragdoll kittens keeping!

We will tell you in details how to keep ragdoll kittens. We recommend the best cosmetics for grooming, and food. In the future, we will advise you and tell you how to properly care for kitten and its beautiful and soft fur coat!

Before purchasing a kitten, you need to buy:

• Litter Box

• litter

• Scratching Post

• Super premium dry and wet food

• Bed

• and of course toys

How to book and buy?

Kittens can be picked up when they are at least 3 months old.

You can book a kitten at any age!

Payment is made transparently and by stages: you pay 50% (reservation), then we sign the agreement, and you transfer the remaining amount immediately before delivery.

How we deliver our kittens?

I help with kittens delivery to the regions, even to the most remote, each time thinking through the most convenient route and responsible accompanying person.

Do you have any additional questions?

We will always answer your questions about kitten raising, feeding and keeping.

Come and meet our pets!

We will show kittens and their parents live or via video link and answer all your questions!

Call us: 8 (917) 019-18-82

If I forgot something, ask me!

I help with sending kittens to the regions, even the most remote, each time thinking through the most convenient route and a responsible escort.

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